Bernal Heights

Just three miles south of downtown, Bernal Heights is one of the older San Francisco neighborhoods and is filled with charm, diversity, and character. Bernal Heights is located at the southern edge of the Mission valley, served by only a few city bus lines and perched atop a steep hill. Quaint and well-maintained housing spans over several hills, with a park that includes Bernal Hill serving as the centerpiece. Many of the Victorian and Queen Anne homes have been remodeled, and lush landscaping often graces meticulously groomed yards. Community spirit is strong in Bernal Heights, and many of its proud residents consider is a "village" within San Francisco. The neighborhood is a bastion of artists and progressives looking for a home on a quiet street. The main shopping strip of Cortland Avenue is populated by small markets, cafés, fruit stands and barber shops, and the residential streets are a cluster of diminutive bungalows and community gardens. However, Bernal Heights bears the influence of city sophistication, with trendy boutiques and innovative restaurants scattered among the storefronts.