Jordan Park / Laurel Heights

Jordan Park and Laurel Heights, known together as district 1C, is a centrally located district that, on the San Francisco Realtors’ map is one district but in reality, it is two adjacent yet very different neighborhoods. Grand, single family homes are dominant in Jordan Park, many of them fully detached with large yards. Both Edwardian and Victorian architectural styles are present, and the area is dotted with multi-unit properties. Neighboring Laurel Heights features mid-century style homes and multi-unit properties. These homes are smaller than the majority of homes in Jordan Park and are more contemporary. A few of the Laurel Heights homes are perched on the top of the hill and enjoy views out to the Pacific Ocean. Both Jordan Park and Laurel Heights benefit from a close proximity to a myriad of conveniences. Laurel Village on California Street has multiple grocery stores, cafes, and other conveniences. California Pacific Medical Center also borders the district and many of the staff live in Jordan Park and Laurel Village allowing for a very easy commute. MUNI runs along California Street as well providing easy and express access to Downtown and the Financial District.