logo_h1Potrero Hill

For decades, Potrero Hill remained one of the best-kept secrets in San Francisco. The neighborhood sits south of 16th Street and is framed by Potrero Avenue, Cesar Chavez and Highway 280. It is relatively isolated by freeways and large tracts of industrial landscape, giving the neighborhood a feeling of distance from San Francisco “proper.” Potrero Hill has a community feel all its own, including its own weekly newspaper, the Potrero View. The Potrero Hill Neighborhood House has existed for almost a century and is used by residents for various occasions, such as town meetings and recitals. Pleasant window shopping and cafe dining is popular with locals as this area of the City gets more sun than most. Residences are comprised of free-standing houses (many built in Victorian architecture), town homes, flat-style condominiums, warehouse spaces, lofts and multi-unit buildings. Many homes enjoy outstanding City views from Potrero’s 300-foot high hill. Potrero Hill is rich in history, originally serving as farmland until the 1870’s, when immigrants began populating the area. In the early 20th century, Potrero Hill was known as Scottish Hill and more recently has attracted a lively mix of professionals and artists.

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